Moving to the beach - could it help improve your mental health?

Posted by Leslie Kopp on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019 at 9:03am.

Colby from The Washington Post shares why there is research backing the notion that living near the water (aka at the beach) can improve mental health.

You are not alone if your dreams of retirement include views of the water, your favorite beach chair and weekly trips to the sand and surf. That feeling of relaxation, fun and overall happiness that coastal life can bring is now backed by research as a contributing factor to improved mental health. Research from Michigan State University shows that people who lived near the water reported less psychological distress than the people that lived without water views. In this and other studies, it was found that while nature of the green variety (think forest or park) can be more desirable than urban areas, it is living by the water that has the greatest positive mental health effects.

While there is still more research that could be done, like does the type of water change the effects, researchers argue that such findings could help identify some tangible ways to help treat mental illness.

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